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Auto Anonymous Car meet at Car Natter

Another early morning adventure. This time I was heading off to Northampton for the Auto Anonymous car meet. I had met these guys last year at Petrolheadonisum at Knebworth House and had kept in touch with them since.

They are predominantly based in Bedford, but their Facebook group is very inclusive and has a very active community of members based far and wide .

The roads were fairly clear so it was a nice drive to get to the venue. Situated on the edge of a housing estate Car Natter is a real hidden gem. Based on a former Royal Ordnance site the surroundings are idyllic and intriguing. Lots of old mill type buildings running alongside a canal.

On arrival the staff from Car Natter were on hand to check wristbands as it was a ticketed event, then direct people to the parking area. No matter where you parked you can guarantee it would make a great backdrop for photos. There is a large outdoor area lined with old brickwork walls and trees, plus inside the venue which has a great industrial feel. There are lots of personal touches which complete the vibe liked stenciled quotes on the walls and perfectly placed art work. Staff were on hand at all times to help cars move between locations so they could maximise the photo opportunities available.

I had gone to the event on my own, but I was made to feel very welcome by everyone. No judging and an all round good vibe. Everyone was there for the same reason, to admire the cars and mix with like minded individuals.

On site there is also a coffee truck and a lovely little seating area. There is also a shop full off treasures connected to the main Car Natter venue. As well as this there are a host of other businesses based on the estate so it was nice to have a little wander around and see what was about. One of my personal favorites was Bagged Benz who had a range of retro vehicles on display outside, they were definitely a crowd puller and the owners were on hand to answer any questions people had on the day too.

Time flew and it was a great way to spend a Sunday. Can't wait to join these guys for more meets and to visit Car Natter again. Thank You for a warm and friendly welcome.

Facebook: Auto Anonymous

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carnatter https://carnatter.com/home


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