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Winter car clean

Updated: Jan 23

The last few weeks had taken it's toll on my car. The road trips and daily drives had cause my car to become a bit of a swampy donkey, covered in salt and muck. Not a good look for someone trying to network and promote their business, so I booked it in for a clean with local business Defined Detail.

Defined Detail have been the go to business for the last few months when my car has needed a freshen up.

Located within easy reach of Telford Town Centre on a small business park they are really accessible, and a friendly welcome with professional service is always guaranteed.

Normally I sit inside and let them work their magic, but I decided to watch and photograph the work in progress this time.

It really makes you appreciate the effort they put in to get the end result. All the little details you take for granted like cleaning the wheels and grille, they all get individual attention. Not just a quick wash with a sponge and hose pipe like my attempts at car washing. It is quite therapeutic to watch too.

After being told my wheel arches had more muck on them then the Landrover next to me, it made me realise just how neglected my little car had been the last few weeks. However by the time they had finished she had got her sparkle back, she was gleaming and looking pretty again.

I can highly recommend Rhys and his team for all your valeting and car detailing needs. They are always on hand to offer advice and even have a shop at the unit stocking a whole range of products for those who prefer to clean their own cars, or have a stock of essentials on hand for those in between washes.

If you are local, or just passing through the area then drop by and check them out.

Defined Detail, Castle Trading Estate, Telford TF2 9NP www.https://www.facebook.com/DefinedDetail


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