• Nikki Prince

Advertising on the move

As a small business it is important to get your name out there and be seen. Depending on your business there are a whole host of ways you can do this, from attending local fairs, trade shows, pop up shops, social media, websites, the list is endless.

With my business I am looking to expand in the Automotive and Event Photography sectors. With this is mind it makes sense to use my car as a mobile marketing tool.

Whether it is parked at an event I am attending or just out and about in every day life, I always try and park close to high traffic areas. Like by parking machines in car parks or my entrances to buildings. The main reason for this is I have my business details on my back window, my business name and contact details. Alongside this I have my hashtag handle in both on my back side windows. It is great for being seen and getting people to interact on my social media.

However I am always looking at new ways to get my name out there on the move, so when local business Defined GraphiX advertised their new Instagram QR slap stickers, I knew these would be a great addition to my current graphics.

Shows in particular it can be hard work trying to keep track of all the insta handles you spot along the way and adding them, but with the QR stickers people will almost instantly be able to follow you, winner! No more mis-spelt names trying to find the right one, they are sent directly to your page in a couple of clicks.

The QR stickers can be made in a variety of colour schemes, so can be branded to match your car or business. I went for a hint of pink on mine to match my car and existing colour scheme and at just £10 for 10 they are a great price too.

Defined Graphix is a great family fun business based alongside Defined Detail in Telford. They offer a friendly and professional service and are always on hand to offer advice on all your vinyl printing needs. Whether that is clothing, or car stickers, the list of possibilities is endless.

Drop them a message for more information on the QR Stickers or other items they offer.

Defined GraphiX, Castle Trading Estate, Telford TF2 9NP



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